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IRON THERAPY utilizes the mind-body connection as a foundational means of achieving lifelong wellness. Through physical fitness, we enable veterans to pursue a higher quality of life characterized by greater personal and professional success.

"We strive to make a real difference for veterans using a pro-active, results-oriented approach."

-Joseph Hurley, CEO

Physical Element

By providing our veterans with the convenience
of access to a local gym, we allow them to get
the most out of their physical fitness experience.
It immerses them more deeply into the
physical fitness culture and provides an environment
free from distractions that can limit
productivity and adherence. This, coupled with
face-to-face personal training consultations,
ensures that a proper foundation for fitness is
established. This local gym membership and
the trainer consultations are the root of their

Virtual Element

Through virtual tracking and engagement
methods we are able to work closely with our
veterans across the country to measure their
progress throughout the program. Using the
virtual space, we are able to devise custom
workout schedules and meal plans, host
virtual races and other challenges, communicate
through text or video messaging, interact
with social media, and more! Utilizing modern
technology we add accountability while removing
barriers to success.


"I have endured a lot in my life and keep moving on. Sweat dries, bones heal, and blood clots. Joe and his staff went above and beyond my expectations. Keep up the good work for helping us veterans who use physical exercise as therapy. Keep up the good work. God Bless and Semper Fi."
John Lozinski

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