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3 Tips to Help You Stay Fit After Separating From the Military

3 Tips to Help You Stay Fit After Separating From the Military

Among the many benefits offered by military service, one of the most overlooked is how much it can do for one’s body. Soldiers need to be physically fit in order to meet the demands of their service. Upon returning to civilian life, it can be easy to fall into poor health habits and lose your physique. These three tips can help you stay in shape after you leave the military.

Work Out With a Friend

Proper socialization is very important when leaving the military. It can also greatly help you with maintaining a fitness regimen. Working out with a friend provides you with someone who can help you stay motivated and offer moral support. You could reach out to an old friend from the military or elsewhere. You could even make friends with someone at your local gym. The bonding experience you share should be cherished. Think about all the motivation you received from your time in the military and bring it to your time at the gym.

Bike to Work

You might feel that you just don’t have enough time to exercise due to work obligations. However, you can get around your time constraints by exercising on your way to work. Riding your bike to and from work lets you put yourself in an enthusiastic mindset and enjoy nature. The commute can be made safer by wearing a helmet and using a headlight (even when it’s sunny out). To keep yourself motivated, try finding increasingly challenging routes. It might feel like a lot to push uphill or go farther than you’re used to, but the increased resilience and sense of pride will help carry you forward. 

Eat Right

A balanced diet is very important for staying fit. If you’re readjusting to civilian life, you might feel overwhelmed by all the options you have. Get a physical and bloodwork done, so you can go over any areas of concern, such as cholesterol and blood pressure. Doing so, along with maintaining a healthy weight, will help your doctor set good nutrition guidelines for you. It’s highly important that you stick with your meal plan as diet is a critical component of your overall health.

The concept of discipline shouldn’t go away completely when you leave the military. However, you may find yourself trying to figure out your place in the world and needing some direction. Focusing on staying fit can help keep you mentally healthy as well as fit. Put these ideas into practice, and see just how much it helps you thrive.

Leaving the military can be a huge adjustment, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Let us help you with your transition by focusing on a lifestyle of fitness, wellness, and success.