3 Stress Management Habits We All Need to Develop

3 Stress Management Habits We All Need to Develop

Stress is one of the greatest threats to your long-term health. When you are under stress, your body reacts by raising your blood pressure, increasing your heart rate and releasing energy to your muscles. When the stress response is engaged throughout your day, it can contribute to heart attack, stroke, depression and many other ailments. Stress management is something that every person needs to learn.

Learn How to Focus

Many people experience stress because they are trying to do too much at once. Not only does this mean that they are under pressure, but they often end up spinning their wheels while not getting much done. It is better to learn to focus on one thing and work on it to completion. This may mean cultivating some other habits such as saying, “No.” Another helpful technique is learning to focus on your breathing. By giving all of your attention to your breathing for three or four breaths, you slow yourself down and increase your focus.This technique will also help lower your heart rate, which will also temporarily decrease your blood pressure. 

Give Yourself More Margin in Your Day

In addition to trying to do too much at once, people get stressed because they try to do too much in general. This means that life happens in a rush with very little room for error. You hit one red light and suddenly your whole schedule is off. Try to give yourself more time to get from one task or place to the next. How much road rage (which is responsible for numerous accidents and fatalities every year) could be prevented if we weren’t constantly leaving with too little time to get where we’re going?

Get Moving

Your body’s natural stress response is all about getting ready for a strong physical reaction. Your blood is pumping, and your muscles are primed to fight an adversary or flee a threat. One of the best ways to deal with daily stress is through exercise. In the stress response, your brain releases several hormones like adrenaline into your bloodstream. Physical activity as simple as a brisk walk can help process these hormones and calm things down. If you experience a stressful episode, find an excuse to burn off some of that stress-related energy.

Stress is a normal part of your daily life. Sometimes it can help you be more productive, urging you to get things done. However, stress that is out of control can harm you. By working to manage your stress, you are taking charge of your health.

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