Elementor #957


The Cause

Every day an average of 22 veterans commit suicide in the United States. We started this challenge to raise awareness for this shocking statistic, and to attempt to raise funds in our quest to help veterans achieve physical and mental wellness through physical fitness.

The Rules

The rules are simple. If you get tagged in the challenge, you must perform 22 repetitions of your favorite exercise the next time the clock hits 4:22. All 22 repetitions must be completed before the clock strikes 4:23. If you do not complete the challenge, or if you choose to opt out of the challenge completely, you must donate $22 to IRON THERAPY PROJECT to support us in our quest for veteran wellness. Of course, you must post a video on social media as proof that the challenge was completed. Make sure there’s a clock visible!

Keep the challenge going by tagging your friends. Let’s make a difference together for our veterans!