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Stress Reduction Strategies You Can Implement Today

Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain often resulting from demanding circumstances. If you were a military veteran who served in a war zone, then you definitely experienced stress. It can also be caused by circumstances in daily life where you are finding it difficult to cope. While deep cleansing breaths often help short-term, here are some longer-term solutions to help alleviate stress.

Exercise Frequently

Researchers suggest that even five minutes of aerobic exercise can help lower your stress level. They also say that getting about 45 minutes of exercise four or five times a week can help keep stress away. The reason is that when you exercise, hormones are released into the bloodstream that helps you to feel better. Go ahead and head out the door for that brisk walk or go to the nearest gym to see if it works for you.


Many people find that journaling helps in lowering their stress level. Positive Psychology Program explains, “journaling/expressive writing has been found to: boost your mood/affect, enhance your sense of well-being, reduce symptoms of depression before an important event (like an exam), reduce intrusion and avoidance symptoms post-trauma, improve your working memory. The process helps a person release their emotions. In turn, many find that journaling helps them look at situations realistically allowing them to come up with workable plans. While you can find books that will help you journal by asking specific questions, many find that getting a notebook and starting to write works best for them.

Declutter Your Life

Decluttering your life often helps to lower stress levels. You need to start by getting rid of the things that no longer bring you joy, then organize the things that you decide to keep. Start with one area of your home where you find very little emotional attachment. Declutter it first before moving on to another area. It is like a snowball; once you get started, you will pick up more and more momentum. Donate items to your favorite charity.

All Storage Online recommends, “if you still have too many things, then get a storage unit or ask a friend to use their attic. Many families and individuals don’t understand how detrimental it can be to live in a cluttered or messy home. By giving up some of your low use or no-use items you can feel good about serving your community as well as creating a more welcoming home.” Remember that seeing the same messes and clutter everyday can take a toll on your mental health.


Volunteering is a great way to relieve stress. Discovering how blessed you are regardless of your circumstances allows you to let go of things that are causing you to feel stressed. Oftentimes, volunteering helps you build a support community allowing you to look at problems in new ways. Volunteering can also give you something else to think about instead of the same old problems.

Stress can have horrible effects on the body. Use these four ideas to help lower your stress levels today. The results will help you better cope with challenges in life.